CPD and AGM event 2018

On Monday 22nd October 2018, we held the SHINE continuous professional development and annual general meeting event. Information professionals from across Scotland gathered in Glasgow to chat about their work in health and social care. Tea, biscuits and glitter were in abundance.

The afternoon kicked off with a Knowledge Café, with opportunities to hear about topics ranging from therapeutic writing to after action reviews. Nathan Devereux’s discussion on impact evaluation was a particular highlight. He illustrated the benefits of planning for outcomes, and reassured us that logic models aren’t nearly as intimidating as they sound! Laura Dobie also shared her expertise on creating visual evidence resources for the Living Well in Communities programme, while Charlotte Boulnois discussed how geographically dispersed teams can work together using conferencing software. Charis Miller discussed her experiences of facilitating After Action Reviews and Amanda Wright described how to support the therapeutic use of writing.

Charis_Knowledge Cafe

If we measure the success of a keynote by how many delegates snapshot the slides, then Delphine Dallison, Wikimedian in residence at SLIC, absolutely nailed it. Covering everything from GLAM–Wiki to Internet-in-a-Box, the talk was a reminder of the breadth of the Wikimedia movement, and the opportunities for libraries to participate. Of particular interest to our crowd was the use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool for first year medical students, and the Cochrane Collaboration/Wikipedia partnership to improve the quality of free health information. We discussed the usefulness of Wikipedia as a patient information tool, as well as its potential for teaching critical appraisal skills.


In the final session, Charis Miller provided an update on the last year, including changes to the website and a report on membership. We discussed future plans for the network, with members highlighting that an increased focus on outreach should be a priority, particularly for promoting more involvement from outside of the NHS. We also welcomed two new committee members, Annelies Allcock and Tomas Muniz.

Check out tweets from the day at #SHINECPD2018 and feel free to add your thoughts!

Annelies Allcock


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