Union List

The SHINE Union List is currently evolving. A project is underway to use NHSScotland’s national library management system, Alma, to host the SHINE Union List and make requests for physical copies of journal articles between members of SHINE.

This work is ongoing, with phase one to ensure that the NHS physical holdings are reflected in Alma and support requests for print articles between libraries. The next stage will be to review configuration requirements to incorporate non-NHS SHINE members’ holdings.

Until the first stage of this project is completed, the current list of NHS holdings can be found here: Alma-SHINE journals list August 2020. Please note: there is no collated archive or “NJPC” tab in this version. You need to check each board’s tab to search the whole collection. To make this easier, try the following: hold down CTRL and click each tab to highlight, then CTRL-F to search.