The SHINE archives

The early history of SHINE, written by Selina Gillespie in 2005:

“Many librarians suffered from professional isolation in the early days of health care libraries in Scotland. Tribute must be paid to the pioneering spirit of Toni Bunch, the first professional librarian to be appointed in the Scottish Health Service in 1965, for arranging informal meetings at which newly appointed librarians could become acquainted and share experiences. This ad-hoc group increased from twenty in 1970 to forty in 1974. The number of appointments continued to increase, particularly in the nursing discipline. Many problems had been identified at these early meetings, including lack of recognition, inadequate financing, salary gradings which would attract only newly qualified librarians and no career structure. The need for a professional body which would represent and promote health care libraries and librarians working in health care disciplines was apparent. The best way forward would be to form a properly constituted official group which would be recognised by the Scottish Home and Health Department. This was achieved in 1975 when the Association of Scottish Health Sciences Librarians (ASHSL) was formally constituted as an independent organisation.”

Newsletters and Journal

The first ASHSL newsletter Interim 1, was published in 1977 and it continued until 2004. In 2005 Interim became the SHINE Journal .

Interim Newsletter

SHINE Journal